Propane-butane also known as LPG is a by-product extracted from crude oil, which is in a gaseous state at atmospheric temperature and pressure.

Propane-butane is used to drive motor vehicles and is a mixture of газ Пропан и газ Бутан.Той изгаря без да оставя въглеродни остатъци в двигателя и удължава живота на свещите,клапаните и буталата; запазва свойствата на маслото на двигателя за по-дълго.
При изгаряне отделя много по-малко въглерод,азотен оксид и неизгорял въглеводород в сравнение с бензина и дизела.
Предлагаме автомобилни системи на пропан бутан за всеки тип автомобили.
Methane , also known as CNG is the most environmentally friendly fuel.
In fact, natural gas does not contain any impurities, lead impurities or hydrocarbons, which contributes to very low level of pollution during exhaust emissions. The chemical composition of natural gas causes much less release of CO2 than other fuels, and also protects the ozone layer.
We offer automotive methane systems for every type of car.
The distance that the car can travel on gas depends mainly on the type of car and the size of the installed bottle.
The type of bottle is chosen depending on what the car is used for, giving priority or the volume of the luggage compartment, or the distance traveled.
If the volume of the luggage compartment is more important, we recommend a bottle of "spare tire" to keep the volume of the luggage compartment unchanged.
If the distance traveled is a priority, then we recommend a cylindrical bottle with a volume of 40 to 60 liters.
Modern systems for propane-butane and natural gas provide excellent engine performance. The latest generation of propane-butane injection systems give a difference of about 2% in the power of the car compared to gasoline.Injection systems of natural gas give a difference of about 10-15 %.
Cars with installed gas systems require the same maintenance as those on petrol. It is very important to check the ignition system regularly and no special maintenance is needed.
For gas injection It is necessary to change the filter every 20,000 km and it is recommended to do so with an original filter MED or LANDIRENZO in an authorized service, and every 40,000 km cleaning of the injectors.
LANDIRENZO OMEGAS PLUS is a new generation injection system and consists of a computer, injectors, evaporator, gas filter, indicator switch and electrical installation. > The principle used by the gas computer is to calculate the injection time to correspond to the gas injectors, and the engine control is left to the petrol computer, while the propane-butane control device transforms the petrol switch suitable for propane-butane injectors type.The gas computer controls the gas injectors with the same frequency as the petrol ones and changes the petrol injection time to the gas injection time.
LANDIRENZO OMEGAS PLUS changes the original to a minimum gasoline management system.
The gas computer has the ability to calculate the time of gas injection using information such as: pressure in the gas injectors, gas temperature, temperature of engine cooling, engine speed and battery, in addition to the gasoline computer.