» Till what extend are the gas systems safe??


All the products of LandiRenzo are tested in accordance to a quality system which has a certificate ISO 9001 from 1996 and ISO TS 16949 from 2001.


» Safety of the propane-butane tanks


When gas tanks are made, the characteristic features of the propane-butane are always taken into consideration. The standards for production, control, supervision and examination of the parts, such as pipes, valves and other elements, of which the system consists of, are really precise. Usually the propane-butane pressure varies between 3 and 10 bars and the tanks are homologated at pressure 30 bars. During the homologation, the automobile gas tanks are tested in hydraulic pressure and cannot explode until a pressure of 67.5 bars is reached, they can be safely used 10 years after the mounting. After that period, they should be changed in specialized service for automobile gas systems or should be a subject of hydraulic test.


» Safety of the methane tanks


The methane tanks guarantee a high safety level. All of them are a subject of strict tests during homologation and during their work. The power with which they are tested is a pressure of 300 bars, and the operative one is 220 bars.  This shows that the cylinders are force-hardy.  The natural gas is lighter than the air. In case of flowing, it does not stay for too long, but clears away in the atmosphere, without conglomerating in the lower layer. A report of the Norwegian Bureau Veritas shows that the risk while using automobiles operated by methane is not bigger that this with automobiles operated by diesel.