Mounting gas systems to gasoline cars


» On which automobiles you can mount a gas system?


To all the automobiles that are with gasoline with carburetor system, injection system or injection system with kataliser, gas systems can be added.
If you want to mount an automobile gas system (AGS) with propane-butane or methane on your car, firstly you should consult a technician from a specialized gas systems service in order to assess which system would be most suitable for your model of automobile.


» When a gas system can be mounted?


In order to mount a gas system on the automobile, it should be in good technical condition. The feed with gasoline and the maintenance of the start system: coils, sparking plugs, and cables for sparking plugs, are really important.


» How long it should take the mounting of a gas system?


The mounting of a gas system with propane-butane or methane usually takes 1-2 days and is done in a specialized service.


» What’s the difference in the car operated by gas in comparison with that by gasoline?


The contemporary systems with propane-butane and natural gas ensure an excellent work of the engine. The last generation injection systems with propane-butane give a difference of about 2% in the power of the automobile in comparison to the gasoline. The injection systems with natural gas give a difference of about 10-15%.


» I have a gas system mounted, can I drive my car with gasoline?


If you have a system with propane-butane or methane mounted, you can drive your car also with gasoline. You decide which fuel to use. For one and the same distance covered by gas or gasoline, the price for gas fuel is almost twice less than this for gasoline.