What is gas injection?


Gas injection of LANDIRENZO

LANDIRENZO OMEGAS PLUS is injection system of new generation and consists of computer, injectors, evaporator, gas filter, key indicator and electrical installation.
The principle used by the gas computer is to calculate the time for injection which corresponds to the gas injectors, and the control over the engine is left for the gasoline computer, while the propane-butane control device transforms the gasoline engaging into a mode, appropriate for the propane-butane injectors. The gas computer controls the gas injectors with the same frequency like the gasoline and changes the time for gasoline injection into gas injection.
LANDIRENZO OMEGAS PLUS changes the original system for gasoline driving to a minimum degree.
The gas computer can calculate the time for gas injection, using information like: pressure in the gas injectors, temperature of the gas, cooling temperature of the engine, revolutions of the engine and accumulator, in addition to the gasoline computer.