What is LPG / CNG?


» What is LPG?


Propane-butane, also known as LPG, is a by-product, extracted from naphtha, which is in gaseous physical condition in atmospheric temperature and pressure.

Propane-butane is used for putting in motion vehicles and is a mixture of Propane gas and Butane gas. It burns without leaving carbon in the engine and prolongs the life of the sparking plugs, the valves and the pistons, also keeps the properties of the engine oil for longer.

During combustion it evolves less carbon, nitric oxide and unburned hydrocarbon in comparison to the gasoline and diesel.

We offer automobile systems working with propane-butane for every type of car.

» What is CNG?


The methane, also known as CNG, is the most ecologically harmless fuel.
Actually the natural gas does not contain any lead alloys or hydrocarbon, which contributes to the low levels of polluting during emitting gases. The chemical structure of the natural gas causes less emitting of CO2  in comparison to the other fuels, and also protects the ozone.

We offer automobile systems for methane for every type of car.